Damian Knapp - Songwriter/Guitarist/Performer

          Maui In The Sun is the new CD from singer/guitarist Damian Knapp that features music he wrote with his late father, Peter Knapp.  The music of Damian and Peter Knapp has earned favorable reviews over the years.

          Starr Begley from Maui Time Weekly (HI) stated: “Knapp’s got a funky, kind of trippy, easy going sound and voice that sticks with you. You need to listen to the eclectic blend yourself.”

          After travelling to NYC to showcase the music for Elmore Magazine, a review appeared in a subsequent issue: “Damian channeled his father’s spirit and created something really quite moving with this release… It is a mixture of musical styles, incorporating rock, jazz, and the blues into a subtle stew… Heavy subject matter, yes, but not done heavy handedly.”

          While living and performing in Columbus, OH, Damian received this review from music writer Karen E. Graves who said the music “Is an unexpectedly eclectic blend of rootsy Americana, colorful hippie-ish jams and subtle blues. Damian flirts with acoustic pop, folk, and Sublime-esque reggae”

          Longtime Cleveland, OH music critic and rock photographer Anastasia Pantsios listened to their music and described Damian and Peter’s sound as “An effort that bears both Damian’s raw blues/folk stamp and a tinge of jazz that reflects Pete’s musical identity, underscoring poignant, soul-searching lyrics.”