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Damian Knapp Bio - Damian Knapp-Songwriter/Guitarist/Vocalist

Damian Knapp has been performing and recording his music since 1996. Currently he performs Solo and with several of his own Bands.  Solo, he can play acoustic or electric with over a thousand jam tracks in a myriad of musical styles so that he can entertain any crowd regardless of age or preferred genre. Whether it's Blues, Jazz, Country, Classic Rock, 80's Pop, 90's Alternative or New Rock, Damian's goal is to entertain his audience. Also, he fronts several bands.  Mystic Hwy is a tribute to the music of the Doors and Testify is his tribute to the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  The Damian Knapp 3 is a trio that features originals and favorite selections from his extensive cover repertoire. For his 20th Century Masters Show Damian traces the lineage of American music from Ragtime's Scott Joplin in 1899 thru the beginnings of blues and jazz, all the way to the birth of Rock and Roll in 1954 at Sun Records.  In short, Damian likes to play at the request of his audience and create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. With well over a thousand songs in his repertoire and so many different acts, he is unique in that he can appeal to any particular audience or music crowd he finds himself entertaining. 

Early in 2020 before the pandemic arrived, Damian placed in the top 25% after advancing to the semi-finals at the annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis,TN on Beal St. You can view the video Goin' To Realsville on this website. The short film and music video documents his travels and experiences in the Mississippi Delta after the competition. 

Besides being a one man human jukebox, Damian also records and releases his own original music on his own label Fester Presley Records. He released a full length Blues album Decay in our Cities in March of 2020. His brand new album Maui in the Sun, an eclectic blend of American music styles, is scheduled for release in October of this year. Earlier releases include Final Justice (2002), Hellhounds and Hot Foot Powder (2003), Will You Cry When I Die? (2006), Live From Realsville (2018), and Songs and Poems by Peter (2019). Later in 2023 he plans to release a 20th Anniversary collection of songs performed by his former band Machine Gun Mary. The audio songs featured on this site showcase his original material, enjoy!


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