Damian Knapp - Songwriter/Guitarist/Performer

Damian Knapp Bio - Damian Knapp-Songwriter/Guitarist/Vocalist

     Damian is an old-skool blues guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and songster, and is always inspired by the vast lineage of all American music going back to 1899. The music that compelled him to pick up the guitar was the pre-war Acoustic Delta Blues, 1950's Chicago Blues, 1930's jazz-swing guitar, and late 1960's/early 70's records especially The Beatles. A few of his favorite artists include Robert Johnson, early Tom Waits, Hank Williams Sr., B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Albert King, Brian Setzer, Robby Krieger, Duane Allman, John Lennon, and Johnny Winter. Damian has many influences in the roots music idiom that influence his original compositions.

     During his 28 year career, Damian has released several albums of his own music  on his label Fester Presley Records.  His discography includes:  Final Justice (2002), Hellhounds and Hot Foot Powder (2003), Will You Cry When I Die (2008), Live from Realsville (2017), Songs and Poems by Peter (2018), and Decay In Our Cities (2020). In 2024, he plans to release a long awaited album that features compositions he wrote with his Father, Maui in the Sun. 

     Currently he leads four different bands and performs solo acoustic and solo electric with Jam Tracks. The Damian Knapp blues band oozes originals and blues classics. The Damian Knapp 3 plays a myriad of classic rock and showcases Damian's love for The Beatles. Mystic HWY is his tribute to the music of The Doors. On occasion, he loves to do his 1950's Rock ‘n’ Roll Tribute Band so he can explore the likes of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens, Bo Diddley, Eddie Cochran, Dick Dale, ect. Also, as a solo act, with or without jam tracks, his song list ranges between 700 and a 1,000 songs. This gives him the flexibility to accommodate any crowd regardless of age, genre, or venue.

     2024 looks to be a very busy year for Damian and he is looking forward to hitting the road to share his art and make new friends. 



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